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Mission = Help Growth Traders Make Smarter Decisions By Filtering Out All The Noise and Following Price.


BDFP’s Weekend Brain Dump:

Every weekend members get Adam’s weekly brain dump. 
The first thing we do is grade the environment on a scale of 1-10.
We analyze the environment to determine aggressiveness and risk.
Then we analyze the market for growth stocks to find the best actionable ideas the market has to offer and share them with BDFP members. If the market is not conducive, we will let members know & we do our best to keep them out of harms way. Protecting capital Is Rule #1 in our world. There is a time to play and a time to stay away. On the other hand, when the environment is strong, our rating changes and we notify our members.

Market Videos: 

Members also get two market videos each week. A weekend video and a mid-week market video where Adam will review the market, highlight what’s working, cover what’s not working, and look forward to what might be setting up towards the end of the week. This way you can “SEE” the market through Adam’s “EYES” & leverage decades of his experience. As you experience and learn Adam’s process, it can empower your trading significantly. 

Private Member’s Only Q&A: 

Members also get a chance to ask Adam anything by sending us an email. This is a great tool that members can use anytime. 

Members Also Get:
Members also get Adam’s unique take on trading psychology, educational topics, and a look into Adam’s #1 best selling book, Psychological Analysis, to help improve their trading. 

BDFP Trades:

Hit and Run 1-3 day trades setup off the 60 min chart

Explosion Swing trades 3-10 days set up off daily chart

Momentum Trend trades 10+ day hold times setup off daily and weekly charts




Exclusive Growth Stock Club:

BDFP introduces a special membership site for folks into growth stocks, where the key rule is to “be dumb and follow the price.”

BDFP Is A Weekly Membership Site For Growth Investors With Intra-Week Updates:
BDFP is a weekly stock market membership site that is designed to filter out the noise on Wall Street and help members focus on price action.

Master List, Focus List, & Top Stocks List… No More Confusing Noise:

BDFP gives members a Master List, Focus List, and a Top Stocks List.
This way  members have a clear list of stocks every week to focus on.
Members get a clear way to look at things, making it easy to understand and act on price changes.

Everyone’s Welcome:

BDFP encourages members to keep their eyes on the price because success in the market is all about what happens with prices.
Price is the only thing that shows up on someone’s statement. Everything else is second. 

BDFP makes it clear that this site is for everyone, whether you’re new to trading or a pro.
It’s a friendly place built on the simple idea of following pric


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