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BDFP is based on Tom’s principles.
Adam Sarhan is filling in for Tom right now.

For the first time ever…

I am sharing my thoughts on the market every single week with my private member’s only community.

I have successfully traded growth stocks as a full time job for over 25 years utilizing a weekly process that grades the environment for risk, keeps me on the right side of the market, & in the right stocks.

This process is what I am sharing with my members. 

I love to teach and interact with traders and investors. First and foremost, this is a teaching service. Ultimately, I want my members to be able to do it themselves, so they know when to put their foot on the gas and when to back off. The market has many faces (up, down, sideways, and anywhere in between) and learning the nuances of all this breeds confidence that can have a huge impact on your financial future. 

I am brutally honest about the emotional challenges of this game.

My insight into “The Village Of Idiots” living inside our heads will push you to become more self-aware and clearly see some of the common pitfalls that are keeping you from getting ahead.  


A Welcome Message From Tom


Tom’s Weekly Brain Dump:

Every Sunday night members get my weekly brain dump. 
I analyze the environment to determine aggressiveness and risk.
Then I analyze the market for growth stocks to find the best actionable ideas the market has to offer. If the market is not conducive, I will let members know & do my best to keep them out of harms way. Protecting capital Is Rule #1 in my book. There is a time to play and a time to stay away.  

Market Videos: 

Members also get a mid-week market video where I review the market, highlight what’s working, cover what’s not working, and look forward to what might be setting up towards the end of the week. This way you can “SEE” the market through my “EYES” & the lens of my 25 years of experience. As you experience and learn my process, it can empower your trading significantly. [Please note: Adult language will be used, viewer discretion advised. Please wear headphones if children are present 🙂 ] 

Private Member’s Only Q&A: 

Members also get a chance to ask me anything by sending us an email. This is a great tool that members can use anytime. 

Members Also Get:
Members also get my unique take on trading psychology, educational topics, and how to manage the “Village Of Idiots” that are in our heads. 

Tom’s Trades:

Hit and Run 1-3 day trades setup off the 30 min chart

Explosion Swing trades 3-10 days set up off daily chart

Momentum Trend trades 10+ day hold times setup off daily and weekly charts


Meet Tom (Canny) Canfield

I began trading stocks because it gave me the freedom to be at home with my wife and four kids. Trading is an expression of love for my family and has allowed me to be actively involved in our kids’ lives.

I am a big hockey fan and was a hockey coach for 15 years. I ran the hockey program at my kids’ high school for over 7 years which gave me priceless memories. Coaching, teaching, and encouraging is very much in my blood.

My wife, Mrs. Canny (A.K.A. Weezie), has been foundational to my success and she wears many hats. She is my best friend, my therapist, my anger management guru, and the most patient and loving woman alive. There will be a special place in heaven for her – because I can be quite a handful 🙂  

I have an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and an MBA from Vanderbilt University.

I worked on Wall Street for 2 years, then started a chain of restaurants for a few years, then decided I wanted to be free and enjoy my family. I began actively trading stocks in 1997 as I wound down the restaurant business and was full-time by 1999. Now I am free to enjoy life on my terms.


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